looking for a Saab specialist in the Struer area
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Forfatter:  Tim [ fre 18. nov 2011 17:23 ]
Titel:  looking for a Saab specialist in the Struer area

hello All
Sorry to be typing in English. I've not yet made progress with learning Danish.

If any forum members could please recommend a Saab 9-5 specialist in the Struer area I would be most grateful.

Here is the background... I have my UK 9-5 Aero here. Recently it lost a lot of oil, such that the oil pressure light lit up, but apparently not for the usual reasons. Fortunately I stopped quickly, but whether quickly enough remains to be seen. When refilling with oil it quickly falls through onto the garage floor. As far as I can see it is coming from one of the oil cooler pipes.

When closer to home the car is maintained by specialists JamSaab in Bristol who recently did a service, with a sump drop and bearing check. All was ok.

From the web I have found some Saab specialists, but so far none within towing range of Struer. If forum members know of a good specialist in the area it would help me a lot.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

9-5 Aero '02 stuck in Struer


Thanks to helpful members of this forum and of other Saab clubs as well, the car is now fixed. I am most grateful for advice received and for contacts with Saab specialists locally.

Kind regards

9-5 Aero '02 no longer stuck in Struer

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